Content Marketing & SEO Specialist. 

I help online entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants grow their businesses by getting their posts to rank at the top of Google so they generate more traffic, more leads, and more dream clients through Strategic Content Marketing and SEO.

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Content Marketing & SEO Specialist. 

I help online entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants grow their businesses by getting their posts to rank at the top of Google so they generate more traffic, more leads, and more dream clients through Strategic Content Marketing and SEO.

Are you an online entrepreneur, a coach, or a consultant who wants to grow your business and make more money?


Good. Then you’re in the right place!

I can help you create a thriving business full of lovely clients, happily paying you great money to do the work you love by getting your content to rank on the first page of Google using strategic content marketing and SEO.

Does this sound familiar?


No doubt you’re putting in the hours writing your blogs and social media posts, but you’re still not getting found online by the people you really want to work with.

And what about your email list and social media? Are you getting a few new subscribers and followers a week but nothing like what you hoped for when you created your “stellar” lead magnet.

Basically, you feel like you’re jazz handing your way across the internet, but no one’s taking much notice!

With so much on your plate and your business not growing as quickly as you hoped, it’s easy to feel exhausted, out of control, anxious and disillusioned.

So what are you going to do?

How ARE you going to get the traffic and leads to grow your business so you can make the money you need to do all those fabulous things you stuck on your vision board?

Well I have an idea!

Just imagine you have...

  • A strategic daily content planner that is perfectly aligned to your target market and business goals.
  • A super simple method for repurposing your core content that saves you HOURS a week.
  • A list of laser-targeted keywords you know exactly how to use to get Google to put you in front of your dream clients.
  • A fully optimised website that Google loves and gives your loads more traffic.

All of this means an end to procrastination and wondering what to post this week.  It means no more half-finished or random posts and a list that hasn't heard from you for months. 

Instead, you’ll be posting consistently and showing up on the first page of Google so your perfect clients can finally find you - and buy from you.

Your email list and social media followers will be super engaged, and you'll get loads of great feedback from your posts.

You’ll get known as the go-to expert in your niche and be invited to speak on big player’s podcasts and at your industry events.

Sound good?

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Look, I know there’s more to it.


There’s a lot going on emotionally that stops us from growing our businesses, and sometimes, staying small can seem like a good idea.

Maybe you think you’re too old, or it’s too late. Or maybe you struggle with being seen online and don’t want to be judged, or you’re scared of being successful…

But the thing is, it’s time to get on with it!

Look, content marketing and SEO is hands down the most effective way to grow your business, and if you don’t get yours in shape, you’re not going to make the money you need to do all the amazing things you want to.

You’ll stay small; you’ll feel frustrated and resentful, and neither of us wants that! But I can help.

Let’s stop playing small and staying safe and get you out there in a strategic way that puts you in front of people who want to hear from you and ultimately buy what you’ve got to offer.

You don’t need to build a 7-figure empire unless you want to, but I bet you’d like to feel confident, focused, energised, empowered, in control, and excited about your business again.

How about being back in integrity, taking charge of your life again, and feeling, maybe a little on the sassy side! 

A few kind words

From recent clients...

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Leadership Consultant

"I am absolutely delighted with the whole email sequence. They flow beautifully and create exactly the experience I want people to have when they meet my work for the first time.

I am so grateful to you for creating space in a way that I simply can't right now and, from that space, creating an experience of me.  They all read brilliantly but e-mail 5 is an absolute masterpiece!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

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Branding Expert

"I approached Sarah because I was struggling to see the wood for the trees.  Sarah helped me by cutting through the fog of ideas to help me focus on what direction I really wanted to take my business. 

I came away with a clear, clear, scheduled plan of action. I sent out my first newsletter which performed 40% better than the average for my industry and I'm now producing 3 original pieces of content a week which I repurpose and use across all my channels."  


Nice to meet you!


I'm Sarah, and I help you attract more clients and grow your business using Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 


I help you create high-quality content that educates, entertains, and informs your dream clients, so you position yourself in your niche as an authority, with the answers they need to solve whatever issue they’re looking for help with.  

Your content will also help you build trust and rapport with your target audience so you’ll convert your leads into profitable lifelong clients.

But to get this fabulous content seen, you need to make sure your SEO is up to scratch. So I help you with your keyword research and make sure that your website and content are optimised for the search engines. 

Basically, I’ll help you get Google to fall in love with everything you do, so you’ll be rewarded with great page rankings and loads more visibility! 

Which, of course, means more people get to learn about how you can help them, which leads to you doing more of the work you love and more money in the bank so you can get on with living that fabulous life you’ve been dreaming of!


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Menopause Coach

"I approached Sarah because I needed support in creating and implementing a content strategy.  Sarah helped me to develop my messaging, define my offer and map out a detailed marketing funnel. 

The result was a strategic 6-month plan. Sarah understands how to build a business from the ground up and how to make it work for you and your lifestyle."

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Discover How to Get Google to Fall Madly in Love With Your Content!


If you want to work with dream clients, grow your business, make more money and start living the life you’ve been dreaming of, you need Google to put you in front of the right people.

This FREE SEO mini-course shows you exactly how to do that, and to make sure you’ve got everything you need; I’m ALSO giving you my FREE SEO toolkit...

  • A printable SEO Jargon Buster - never be mansplained to again!
  • A 10 Step Checklist to SEO your content and your website, all by yourself!
  • 20 FREE, tried and tested Keyword Research Resources that really work!