Content Writing

I create exceptional SEO content that educates and informs your readers and establishes you as a thought leader in your niche.

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Strategic Content Planning & Writing

I create exceptional SEO content that educates and informs your readers and establishes you as a thought leader in the women’s health and wellness world.

Content Planning & Creation


Creating the right content will give you lots more traffic that you can turn into exciting leads and nurture into becoming super-engaged, repeat customers.  

When you get your content right, your business thrives, and you start making the money that will help you live the life you want.

Content Writing

Now you know what content you need to create, and when and where you’re going to post it, content writing becomes the easy part!

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I’ve got all sorts of amazing blogging templates to help you plan out and structure your blogs. They show you where to put your keywords, what images to use and how to optimise your blog so Google will pick it up and show it to your dream clients.

And if you don’t have the time (or the inclination!) to write your blogs yourself, I can help. I offer blog writing packages starting at £1200 a month for 4 1000+word fully optimised, professionally written pieces. 

Please get in touch to discuss a package that would suit you.

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Lead magnets

Creating a stellar lead magnet isn’t always easy.  But it’s really important to have one, so you can capitalise on all the traffic that’s now coming to your site (or social media).

I can help you create a super targeted, totally irresistible lead magnet that will have your dream clients signing up to your list in droves!

I offer lead magnet creation packages starting at £500. 

Please get in touch if you think I can help.

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Web content

Your website needs to look good, but more importantly, it needs to give your visitors easy access to the information they’re searching for. 

Google is super hot on this right now, so I’ve got website page templates to help you create your own stellar pages, or of course, I can create them for you.  

I offer web page writing packages starting at £1000 for 5 fully optimised pages. 

Please get in touch to discuss a package that would suit you.


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Social Media profiles

Getting your message across in a few 100 characters is an art in itself!

I have social media profile templates you can use to create your own powerful profiles for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or I can create bespoke profiles for you so people will know instantly what you’re all about and whether you can help them.

Social media profile packages start at £500 for 4 fully optimised profiles. 

Please get in touch to discuss a package that would suit you.

What are my clients saying 

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"Before working with Sarah I was so lost regarding SEO, keywords, content schedules, and the like. Not only did she deliver keywords for five areas of my website, helping me understand the importance of them and where to place them in my writing, she delivered ONE HUNDRED – count them! 100! – content topics to get me through blog writing for two years. In addition, she provided me a calendar with the top content ideas to see me through three months of my pre-launch period.  I can always turn to her for her professional opinion and insight. I am so happy she is on my team, and I will not hesitate to call on her for other services she offers."

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"Sarah created my lead magnet and the follow-up email series.  I was struggling to complete a lead magnet from start to finish and I was having trouble pulling it all together.  I was amazed at how easily she understood my business concepts. She was able to help me sort through my ideas and come up with a lead magnet to match my digital online course.  Once we came up with the plan, I was so excited and relieved.  She took the ideas and information organized and created well-planned content.  Sarah then created the 4 emails to follow. I am so thankful to have met her and look forward to future projects together."

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Discover How to Get Google to Fall Madly in Love With Your Content!

If you want to work with dream clients, grow your business, make more money and start living the life you’ve been dreaming of, you need Google to put you in front of the right people.

This FREE SEO mini-course shows you exactly how to do that, and to make sure you’ve got everything you need; I’m ALSO giving you my FREE SEO toolkit...

  • A printable SEO Jargon Buster - never be mansplained to again!
  • A 10 Step Checklist to SEO your content and your website, all by yourself!
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More love from my clients

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"Sarah reviewed my Linked In profile and developed and implemented an SEO plan. I had not done any SEO work at all. I instantly knew I had found someone who totally understood me, my voice, and my personal and brand values.

Firstly, I asked for help writing my new web copy and creating the SEO for the website - she did and I achieved a 100% score from Google straight away.

She then reviewed all my social media profiles including Linked In and updated them all in line with the key words she had created for me, to help me reach my target audience and make more focussed, targetted connections . That is paying dividends already.

I've also worked with her to create a social media content plan  in line with my  business strategy and break that down into quarterly action plans which I will implement.

It's been easy to work with her, and fun ...I will continue to work with her quarterly going forward and would highly recommend her to my clients and colleagues too...I cannot speak highly enough about working with her and the quality of work Sarah delivers."