Learn My Simple 5-Step Process to Get Your Website Showing Up On The First Page of Google So You Get More Traffic, Leads and Clients.

Join the Free “Get Found On Google Workshop” and start to fix the frustrating (aka soul-destroying!) problem of your website not showing up in the search engines. I’ll show you five simple steps to kick start getting Google to showcase you on the hallowed Page 1 of the search results, where your dream clients are waiting to hear all about how you can help them.  

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Here's What You'll Learn in This Workshop 

Look, getting to the top of Google is not a quick process, it’s a “journey”, 🤢 but if you come along to my workshop, you ARE going to learn the first steps you need to take to get yourself on to the hallowed “First Page of Google”, and here’s how I’m going to do it...

Step 1: What's SEO and Why You need to get Acquainted.

First, you’re going to discover what SEO is and see that you've already got some medical grade magical fairy dust at your fingertips that you can use to power your way up the rankings and get found by your dream clients.

Step 2. How To Get Started with Keyword Research so You Create Content Your Dream Clients Actually Want. 

Then I'll show you how to get started with keyword research so you can talk about the things your perfect clients actually need help with so you can save yourself tonnes of time and stop throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

Step 3. Packaging Up Your Pages & Blog Posts So Google Puts Them Infront Of The People You Want to Read Them.

After that, I'll share my framework for packaging up your blog posts so when you send them out into the ether, Google finds them and they actually get read by the people who matter i.e. potential clients!

Step 4: Tweaking Your Backend! Fixing Up Your Site  To Give You A Fighting Chance of Ranking (Well).

Then we’re going in. Yup, it’s time to inspect your backend (sorry, I’m sniggering - us Brits are very good at that!) I'll share some simple tweaks you can make to turn your website into a lean, mean traffic attraction machine!

Step 5: Check your progress and get making plans

And finally, I'll share my process for tracking your progress, so you'll be able to carry on your journey to getting on to the first page of Google. 

Sarah wearing a green sweater, holding a cup while sitting on the sofa

Here's What Happens When People Take Part! 

Sara Allen

I would just like to say a big thank you. It's very scary thinking about the tech side of things, as I'm not technically minded at all. I can't believe what I have done already. Again a big THANK YOU Sarah for doing this 😁 it's been a great learning curve and also fun at the same time.


Elena Gil-Rodriguez

✨🏆✨ Many thanks. The structure and straightforward instruction have been super helpful to re-energize and direct me painlessly to what I can do to improve my SEO and visibility! And it has been fun with much laughter - always an added bonus! Thank you!


Sue Wheeler

Thank you so much for this - loved geeking out with you! I feel fab! I am in the middle of re-creating a new website and will apply all that I have learnt to give me the best chance of appearing higher on Google.


I feel your pain. Getting Your Website to Show Up on The First Page Of Google Isn't The Easiest Thing To Work Out How To Do.


BUT, the truth is that unless you sort out your website by getting your head around SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you will stay one of the internet’s best-kept secrets.

And this is where I get on my soapbox; you see, I’m not having you languishing on page 4 million of the internet.

Nope. It’s not happening.  

Honestly, it breaks my heart to see women working all the hours God sends to get their businesses out there, only for them to see a dribble of clients coming through their virtual doors.

So my mission is to get every woman who runs an online business showing up on Page One of Google, so she can get her amazing services in front of the people who really need them, do some good in the world, make a genuine difference and earn the money she wants to live a full, fun and happy life.

And how do I do that?

It’s simple.

I show you how to optimise your website so the Google Gods fall in love with your content and you ascend to Page One of Google, where your dream clients will find you.

You Absolutely Need To Come Along If Any Of This Touches A Nerve!

  • You’re doing “all the things”, but your business still isn’t growing. In your darkest moments, you’ve wondered if you should dust off your moves and give TikTok a twirl.
  • You know you should be doing something about SEO to get your website seen, but you’ve got no idea where to start or what it really means.
  • And anyway, if you start mucking around with techy stuff on your website, you’re going to break it, irreparably!
  • You’re not exactly a technophobe but getting down and dirty with your website’s backend is NOT your idea of fun. Quite frankly, you’ve got better things to do with your life.
  • You do not speak geek. You don’t understand what people (aka 25-year-old blokes) are telling you to do, so you ignore them and hope the problem goes away.
  • You’ve reached saturation point. You have literally no space left in your head to learn any more tips or tricks to “grow your business to 6-figures overnight.” 
sign saying grow your business on a white desk

Consider Yourself Invited!

I would absolutely love to see you at the Workshop.

Over the last few years, I've helped hundreds of frustrated online business owners get their heads around the super-powerful principles of SEO so they get more traffic to their websites and, in turn, more leads and, ultimately, a consistent stream of fabulous new (and repeat) clients!

But maybe you think SEO isn't for you?

That it's all too techy, or time-consuming, or to be quite honest, too boring to contemplate!

Well, if that's how you feel, this workshop is a great way to test the waters of SEO and see how powerful, easy and even fun(!!) it can be. 

So, don't let yourself talk yourself out of taking part; it really could be a game changer.

I promise you that....

  • You won’t break your website.
  • I’ll speak English - not a word of Geek will pass my lips - and if we need to talk tech - I’ll translate it all for you.
  • In our 90 minutes together, I’ll only teach you what you need to know to get your website working harder for you. No unnecessary ego-boosting fanciness from me. I know you don’t have the time for it.
  • I’ll make it fun, and we’ll have a laugh (usually at my expense, my live streaming skills are appalling!)

And most importantly...

  • You’ll end up with a plan for taking the first steps to getting your website on to the First Page of Google - where it belongs!

Are you in? 

Look at what my students achieve when they work through the steps....

Opened laptop on a green table


My page speed improved from 5.51 seconds to 1.99 seconds by changing images to jpg and my SEO score went from 49 to 75 in your challenge.

hands on keyboard, glasses and coffee cup on table

I learned so much about finding keywords and optimizing my website. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom & expertise! Just awesome.

Turquoise mug on a wooden counter top

You have made understanding and implementing SEO so easy and fun. I so appreciate your knowledge, systematic approach, and your passion to help each of us!


Sarah Buchanan-Smith, your teaching has been fabulous! I’m still working through it but man, you just made SEO super simple to understand and execute.

Thank you so much!


I love your practical, hands-on walk-throughs and that it was very action-oriented throughout. You deliver huge value as you actually get the stuff done so thank you very much, it was super useful, helpful and informative and I loved the pace, style and format.

Sian Bowron

Many thanks so much Sarah. I've done SEO training before but was looking for a different style of teaching. I'd have paid more for that  than I did for a past paid course over several months. And much prefer your teaching style.

Join Me On Thursday September 21st @ 5.00 pm BST.  Registration Closes In...