The SEO Foundations Project 

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The SEO Foundations Project


The SEO Foundations Project

The most comprehensive SEO package, where I will build, or fix up, your business’ entire SEO profile from the ground up.

If your website isn’t showing up on Google even though you’re doing “all the things”, then you won’t be getting the visitors you need to have a thriving online business.

But instead of becoming the SEO expert you’d need to be to get this all sorted, let me do it all for you!

Is The SEO Foundations Project Right For You? 

My SEO Foundations Project is DEFINITELY for you if...

You’re an online business owner who’s got her business off the ground. You’ve got clients, and you’re making sales from your coaching, consultancy or therapy business, and you love running your own business.  


It’s turning out to be bloody hard work! 

  • Even though you’re doing “all the things” to tell the world you’re here to help…blogging, podcasting, YouTubing, Instagramming…you name it, your business isn’t growing as quickly as you hoped, and you’re wondering what on earth you’re doing wrong.
  • You’ve had a website built for you (at significant expense), and it looks lovely, but no one’s visiting, so you’re STILL relying on word-of-mouth recommendations, or exhausting launches, which means inconsistent and unreliable income.
  • Or maybe you’ve already been down this route? You’ve outsourced your SEO before and didn’t see the results you were promised. You paid ALOT of money for a few tweaks you don’t understand and can’t see what value they brought to your biz.
  • But most likely, you simply just don’t have the time, or the inclination to become an SEO expert so you can fix your website and start ranking on Page One of Google! You know SHOULD be doing something about it, but you’ve got no idea where to start, no real desire to learn, and no time to do it anyway. 
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When you’re working so hard, it’s incredibly frustrating not to see the results you hoped for. And, of course, there’s the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, which means you work even harder and risk ending up burnt out and disillusioned.

But that’s not what you started your own business for, was it?


Now, I'm not here to be a purveyor of doom!

No, I’m here to show you that there is hope and to let you know that you’re in exactly the right place, and I’ll show you why in a minute.

But before I do that, I want you to know that you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s highly likely that there is nothing wrong with your business, or your offers, your writing or, most importantly you!

I expect you’ve fallen into the trap that over 90% of other online business owners do, and that’s not optimising their websites and their content for the search engines.

Basically, what you’ve done is opened a shop and forgotten to unlock the door.

There's nothing wrong with you...or your busines

It’s just not optimised, so you’re not getting found.

So, let's have a look at some stats…

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OVER 90% of all the pages on the internet get NO organic traffic - not because they are useless, or not interesting, or horrendously written or not offering things people want - but because they ARE NOT OPTIMISED for the SEARCH ENGINES…

If your content or website isn’t showing up on the First Page of Google, you have a less than 1% chance of being seen in the search results!  Basically, no one looks at Page 2 and beyond, so if you’re not on the First Page, you’re virtually invisible, even if your business is amazing.

But how were you supposed to know that…or know what to do to fix it!


Just imagine what it would feel like if an experienced SEO expert came along and made sure your website was fully optimised and First Page of Google ready, so your dream clients could easily find you, which meant you had a steady stream of targetted leads and a growing business so you could get on with living the fabulous life you started your business for in the first place!

Not too shabby I expect!

  • What if she took over all the horrendous techy stuff and set up your Google Analytics and Search Console, checked your sitemap and robots.txt file were all working properly and made sure your site speed and mobile friendliness were all top-notch, so Google and your visitors could find your website really easy and you finally started moving up the rankings?
  • And how about if she made sure that all your website’s most critical pages were using all the right title tags and meta descriptions and that your blogs were all structured properly to get Google to notice them and put them in front of your dream clients?
  • And what if she did your keyword research for you and delivered you a list of perfectly aligned phrases you need to use in your business to attract your dream clients to your business, sprinkled these keywords in the most critical places on your website AND told you where to use them in the content you’ll create in the future? 
  • And talking about content, what if she audited all your content for you, undertook a detailed competitor content analysis and created a 12-month keyword-rich, strategic content plan for you?
  • But she wouldn’t stop there…she’d also set your local SEO up, advise you on your best backlink building strategy and lots, lots more…

All to make sure that you start showing up on the First Page of Google, where your clients are waiting to hear from, so you can begin nurturing those leads, converting them into customers, growing your business and getting on with living that fabulous life you had all planned out when you started this adventure!



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And I’m sure you’ve cottoned on by now that this mystery woman who’s taken all the SEO stress off your plate, saved you hours and hours a week and stopped you from accidentally becoming an SEO expert is me and my team!

So What's It Like To Work With Me? 

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"Before working with Sarah I was so lost regarding SEO. Not only did she deliver keywords for five areas of my website, helping me understand the importance of them and where to place them in my writing, she delivered ONE HUNDRED – count them! 100! – content topics. In addition, she provided me with a calendar with the top content ideas to see me through three months of my pre-launch period.  I can always turn to her for her professional opinion and insight. I am so happy she is on my team, and I will not hesitate to call on her for other services she offers."

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"I approached Sarah because I needed support in creating and implementing an SEO and content strategy.  Sarah helped me to develop my messaging, define my offer and map out a detailed marketing funnel. The result was a strategic 6-month plan. Sarah understands how to build a business from the ground up and how to make it work for you and your lifestyle."

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"I instantly knew I had found someone who totally understood me, my voice, and my personal and brand values. Firstly, I asked for help writing my new web copy and creating the SEO for the website - she did, and I achieved a 100% score from Google straight away.  It's been easy to work with her and fun ...I will continue to work with her quarterly going forward and would highly recommend her to my clients and colleagues too...I cannot speak highly enough about working with her and the quality of work Sarah delivers."

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So How Does The SEO Foundations Project Work?

To make sure your website shows up on the First Page of Google and starts bringing in lots of super targetted traffic for you,  I'll carefully analyse and set up or fix all the essential elements of SEO on your website using my 6-step framework, which includes:

  • Technical SEO - Google Analytics and Console, sitemaps, robots.txt file, site speed, mobile friendliness, redirects and more…
  • On-Site SEO - Title Tags & Meta Descriptions, alt text, headers and hierarchy, content reviews, keyword research and more…
  • Off-Site SEO - Local SEO, domain authority, backlink strategy and more…
  • Content - Content audits, competitor analysis, content strategy creation, a 12-month strategic content calendar and more…

Once we're done, your website will be in tip-top condition and ready for Google to put you on the First Page of its search results, which is where you'rell going to get found by your dream clients, so you can build your business and start making the money you deserve so you can get on with living the fabulous life you started your business for in the first place!


Step 1 - Getting started with SEO logo

Getting Started with SEO Basics and Keyword Research

In our kickoff meeting, we'll establish your goals and agree on the scope and timelines for your project. 

Once I understand your business goals and your target audience, I'll undertake in-depth Keyword Research, for you so you can be confident you're using the right words on your website to help your target audience find your business online.

If you've done any keyword research before, you'll know it can be tricky and time-consuming to find the right keywords for your business. So let me do it for you instead!

I will... 

  • Brainstorm a long list of topics and key phrases that are perfectly aligned to your business.
  • Quantify your long list by collecting each phrase's volume and competition data.
  • Evaluate which keywords apply to your business by examining the data and considering the impact they might have.
  • Map your keywords to your core website pages.

At this point, I'll also get you set up on Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to open up super helpful communication channels with Google.

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Step 1 Deliverables

  • 60-minute kickoff meeting
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research, including mapping to core website pages
  • Google Analytics and Google Console Set-Up
Step 2- Setting up logo

Setting Up and Evaluating Your Technical SEO

In the next step of your project, I’ll focus my attention on your technical SEO. My goal here is to ensure that the search engines have a seamless experience when crawling and indexing your website, which boosts your chances of showing up on Page One of the Search Results.

To do this, I will:

Locate and Evaluate Your Robots.txt file - This file is super powerful because it provides the search engines with recommendations on crawling and indexing your website. If any edits are required, I’ll make sure they’re actioned. 

Create an XML Site Map - An XML sitemap is a list of the pages on your website you would like search engines to crawl and index. Basically, your XML sitemap says, “search engine crawlers, please go here.” I’ll make sure your sitemap gives the bots the right directions, and I’ll also submit it to Google Search Console.

Evaluate Your Website’s Page Experience - Page experience is an increasingly important component of Google’s algorithm, and I’ll assess how well your website performs against five primary signals including site security, mobile usability, HTTPS, core web vitals and intrusive interstitials.

If these terms mean NOTHING to you, don't worry! I've got your back.

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Step 2 Deliverables

  • Evaluating your Robots.txt file
  • Creating your XML site map and submitting it to Google
  • Evaluating your Website Page Experience against five primary signals
Step 3- Content Evaluation logo

Content Evaluation and Planning

Content is the backbone of your SEO strategy, as it’s how you share your expertise online. And it’s your expertise that Google values and rewards with website traffic, so we need to make sure your content is best-in-class!

To do that, I need to make sure you stand out from your competition by auditing your content to ensure it’s high quality, keyword friendly, useful and user-friendly. 

Once I’ve done that, I’ll create a strategic content calendar for your website that is easy to execute and impactful. 

Here are the steps I’ll take in this part of your SEO Foundations project.

  • Page Evaluation and Planning - I’ll audit your existing core website pages to look for opportunities for improvement, and I will brainstorm ideas for new pages on your website. 
  • Blog Evaluation and Planning - I’ll evaluate your best-performing blog posts and, based on your keyword research, provide you with a list of new blog posts to write and old posts to revise.
  • Create a Production Plan and Strategic Content Calendar - I’ll provide you with an extensive list of pages and posts to create or update with strategically aligned keywords and production dates and steps.
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Step 3 Deliverables

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your core website pages
  • A thorough assessment of your blog
  • A strategic, keyword-optimised 12-month content calendar showing you when to write your blogs on what subject
Step 4- on site SEO logo

On-Site SEO

On-site or on-page SEO is how we get all the elements on your website's pages working together to help you rank higher and get more traffic from the search engines.

The thing is, it's a fiddly and time-consuming job unless you've got a team behind you to help out.

But I'm here for you, and I'll make sure your on-site SEO is absolutely top-notch by doing two critical things for you...

  • Identify your most important website pages and create keyword-optimised title tags and meta descriptions for each.
  • On each of these pages, seed your keywords strategically in places like your page title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, H1 and H2 headings, paragraph copy, image alt text, file names and more.
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Step 4 Deliverables

  • Unique fully optimised title tags and meta descriptions for each important page of your website 
  • Optimised Alt text for each image on each of your most important pages.
  • Title tags, Meta descriptions, URL (if appropriate), Headings, Paragraph Copy, Alt Text, Image File names and subheadings for your most essential pages.
Step 5 - Off site SEO logo

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO, which you might also see called "off-page" SEO, is all about the actions you take away from your own website to improve your search engine rankings. 

Here are the things I'll do to get your Off-Site SEO up to scratch.

1. Google My Business - If your business has a physical location or serves a specific local area, then it’s time to boost your local search presence by making it easy for Google to provide accurate and helpful information about your business by creating your Google Maps listing

2. Assess Your Website Authority - Google looks for third-party signals to validate your expertise and uses links on other people's websites, sending their visitors to yours, as a measure of your authority. To increase your authority, you need to acquire more external links, which you do through link building and to help you with this I will...

  • Benchmark your website’s authority - evaluate your website’s authority against your competition.
  • Evaluate your current ranking position by establishing your domain authority score.

3. Uncover your best Link Building Strategy A good link-building strategy will increase your website’s authority and get Google to drive more quality traffic to your website. I'll carefully analyse your business, and, with your domain ranking in mind, I’ll recommend the most effective link-building strategy for you and create an ongoing link-building action plan.

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Step 5 Deliverables

  • Google My Business Set Up (if relevant)
  • Website Authority Assessment
  • Recommendation of the best link-building strategy for your business
  • An ongoing link-building action plan
Step 6 - Seeing Results logo

Understanding Your Progress And Your Monthly Updates

Finally! It's time to see some results. While the scale and timing of your results depend on the competitiveness of your industry space and where you started your SEO journey, you should begin to see some initial improvements in your website’s performance in the search engines in the first month or so after your SEO Foundations Project comes to a close.

For some sites, initial success may be as simple as improved rankings for your brand keywords. Others may notice improved visibility for non-brand keywords, which will quickly fuel substantial organic growth.

To help you track your SEO efforts, every month, you’ll receive an SEO progress report delivered straight to your inbox showing your user engagement metrics, organic search and keyword performance metrics.

At this point, if you wish to ensure that your site continues to gain traction in the search results over the months and years to come, I recommend you review my ongoing monthly SEO Packages.

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Step 6 Deliverables

  • A monthly SEO Progress Report
  • Run through of your key performance metrics, so you understand the difference your investment has made to your business.
  • Guidance on what next steps you need to take to keep your website Google-friendly.

Are you ready for your website to start showing up  in all the right places?


Packages start at $2,997

Depending on website size and starting point. Payment Plans Are Available.

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(With No Obligation To Take Things Further!)


The World Needs You and Your Work!  

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?"

I'm sure you've seen this fabulous quote from Marianne Williamson and, in your feistier moments, have wholeheartedly decided that you're not going to hide your light away, that you're not going to play small and you are, in fact, going to share your brilliance and let your light shine.

But the problem is, while you might be busy trying to shine your proverbial light, Google can't see it. And if Google can't see it, they won't put you on the stage where all the people who need your brilliance can find you. 

I know, I'm labouring this metaphor now, but SEO is the battery pack or fuel you add to your website, so you can burn brilliantly and get found by everyone who needs you…

And I want to help you shine!

(I promise, no more!)

It breaks my heart to see so many women who have taken such a brave step and started their online businesses second guess themselves and their services because they're not getting the clients they need to make their businesses sustainable.

Please, remember, it's not you; it's just that you've missed a piece of the puzzle, and you don't have the time or the desire to learn the skills to fix it.

I'd be honoured if you'd let me help.

Just click the "Let's Talk" button below to book a call, and we'll see what we can do.

S. x

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Packages start at $2,997

Depending on website size and starting point. Payment Plans Are Available.

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(With No Obligation To Take Things Further!)